This is one of my bestest friends and ever inspiring style icon, Simone. She lives in New York with her adorable boy and husband. She’s an accomplished artist and a floral designer on the side. She’s whip smart and crazy nut funny as well. If France (entry below) is the cool girl in Paris, Simone is the cool girl on the streets of NY. The picture above was taken a few days ago for the Japanese magazine Milk.
Click on the collage below to get bigger version.

I’ve asked her a few questions about style…
V: Favorite store?
S: Mayle.
V: Fav kids store?
S: Makie
V: Pretend the economy wasn’t in the crapper, and you didn’t sound frivolous by saying, what would be your next major fashion purchase?
S: YSL ankle boot.

The 105mm ankle boot in black croc-embossed patent leather to be exact. By the way, she has a pair of YSL Tribute boots with this heel and she swears that it is one of her most comfortable shoes. They apparently put some kind of aerosole contraption in it.


One thought on “SIMONE

  1. Jia Marguerite Chi Schofer

    This is very odd, Claire. I saw your blog, via our friend John Winter on facebook. I was checking it out when I realized that your friend Simone from NY was someone I met awhile back at my husband's cafe, The Bottle Shop in the 11th arrondissement in Paris. I know her husband, Adam, from NY and Washington DC. He went to college with my ex-boyfriend. It all a serious of random coincidence that I had to write to you. I attended St. Paul Central with you for a very brief period. Now I live in Paris. So weird.


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