2010! Here we come!

Okay, the new year officially starts today, no? Everyone’s back to school and work. Well, I’m officially ending my vacation and flying back to LA in a few hours and I’m soooo ready to begin operation CLARE VIVIER 2010 tomorrow at the Elsinore St HQ with Jocelyn. And, I’m double thrilled to be starting the new year on Target’s Red Hot Shop! Pretty amazing deal for a remnant, taupe/light grey leather embossed clutch, too. I’d like for them to sell out, they only have a limited quantity, so please tell your friends and let’s all carry the same clutch this winter!!
This may be what you think of when you think of winter wardrobe: Coat, purchased for this trip at the recommendation of one of my most stylish friends – DKap – an adorable puffy number, with stitching which makes it quasi-chic and avant garde, no? ClareVivier Messenger bag in Black; North Face boots, purchased in Aspen for the Viceroy photo shoot which are incredible! (Why didn’t they make boots like this when I was growing up?) This was my uniform while I was here and it may be yours wherever you are in this coldwave we are having throughout the country and it may not scream: CLUTCH. But wait! While I shall pack all this garb away when I return to 80 degree LA, I assure you, there are clutches filled with essentials inside that messenger bag that get taken out upon reaching destination and soon, you will see a taupe and grey clutch sitting on the table with me at the Chateau (or some other favorite gathering spot, in MN it’s W.A. Frost, which has been around forever and is exactly the comfy, intellectual-chic vibe that the Chateau in LA and the Bowery or Greenwich Hotel, etc in NYC are going for, anyway, I digress!) Set your clutch on the table and I’ll recognize you or you’ll recognize each other and we can clink glasses and toast to an amazing 2010 to come! 😉


8 thoughts on “2010! Here we come!

  1. Louise

    I love Target's red hot shop and just saw your amazing clutch and learned about your bag line! Beautiful bags! I am going to blog about your line this week to all my friends 🙂 Thanks for designing w/Target!

  2. Jennifer

    Congrats again on the Target clutch.W.A.Frost!! I remember it well…good to know it's still there.Looking forward to the Mini Besace!Happy New Year Ms. Viver!

  3. Vivier

    Sarah, I'm sorry even I didn't get one!! We were tight on remnant leather so every inch big enough went into the order! Thanks for your comment. As for wallets, yes, one day! I'm working on ideas.


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