30 Of A Kind – sold out. BOOM.

I had the good fortune of being featured on a relatively new site called Of A Kind yesterday. OAK, the brainchild of former magazine girls Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur, is a site that asks designers to make a special, limited edition product or introduce a new product and sell it only on their website until it sells out. They do lovely stories about the designer leading up to the sale which goes live every Wednesday. Essentially it’s a way to introduce somewhat new designers to another audience and provide the customer with something special. So we designed an elegant envelope wallet called La Pochette and it SOLD OUT in a matter of hours (or as OAK’s tweet said at sell out time: “our @seevivier wallet is sold-out. BOOM.”) Yay!

La Pochette is dreamy:

And we will sell a few versions of it on our website soon – probably when we launch our new website. (Which is finally nearing completion. F*&^%! heck! Websites are a lot of work. 🙂 ) Anyhoozles, I thought I’d repost those stories, as they did a bang up job with them and I know it wasn’t easy to get me on the phone to do the interviews. Merci Erica and Claire. If you haven’t already, I recommend you signup for their updates because they’ve got some good people lined up to design unique pieces for their site. xoc
pochette wallet
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