Opening Shop Today

We’ve accomplished a lot in the month and a half we’ve been in our 1404 space:
We put together furniture,
David built us a wall,
Richard painted us a sign,
Thomas painted us a rug,
Scott shaded our windows,
Heather hung art work,
 we’ve got a Frohawk Two Feathers,
 a large Kyle Field (along with a mirror built by David,)
and 5 small Kyle Fields, along with other artwork from Taylor De Cordoba artists like work from Jeana Sohn and Timothy Hull,
Kathryn had a twig cast in brass to hang my bags on,
 to finally get to the point where jewelry is displayed and  
bags are out and
  we are ready for people to come visit. 

Vivier and Bentley is open today. Come see us!
1404 Micheltorena at Sunset in Silverlake.

36 thoughts on “Opening Shop Today

  1. kathy peck

    The store looks beautiful. Every detail is perfection.Looking forward to a visit soon, and congratulations – all your hard work really paid off.

  2. Anonymous

    Swoon… your store does not disappoint–a perfect showcase for your amazing bags (and thank you, I have four and cannot foresee stopping now. I never felt invested and / or drawn to bags but you've changed all that for me. Now it seems I'm in it for the long haul).

  3. LCG

    Happy Store Opening! Looks so lovely! Love the rug and the small details. Making the trip my next time in LA fershure. What are your store hours?

  4. elauinc

    Clare – the store is so wonderful. I will have to try really, really hard to not stop in every weekend after farmers market to buy yet another clutch in another amazing color. maybe I won't try that hard. 😉

  5. Conny

    How great! I saw your works on a blog entry on fashiolista and wondered if I could buy your bags online – do you have a shop? I searched this blog for more information but somehow I didn't find what I was searching for. Anyways congrats to the opening of your own shop! 🙂


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