Step Right Up Ladies and Gents

Here’s a little photo shoot Mat and I did the other day did of a new bag in the line. The bags were in our possession exactly 2 hours, during which they had to be photographed, before they left us to go to the Steven Alan showroom. I thought the contact sheet looked cool so I screen captured it. These bags are majorly lovely and they are suede. 
A take off of our Simple Tote, it is slightly larger, with a shoulder strap, magnetic closure, and, did I mention it’s made of suede? It’ll come in killer colors – camel, tobacco, grey, royal, and purple. Boy do I wish we could have had them for longer at the studio.  They are available for Spring ’12, crazy, I know, seems like forever away. I want one now.
Here’s what it looks like on. This was after I was interviewed for a Singapore-based lifestyle blog. I’m wearing my Pour La Victoire shoes which apparently the journalist who interviewed me, Samantha, on left side of pic, bought as soon as she left.  Maybe she’s buying them right at this instant on her phone. 🙂
The dress is Isabel Marant.
Also Isabel Marant are my striped, denim, cropped trousers.
While shopping for a HBT wedding outfit at Barney’s, DKap and I had no luck finding outfits for the nuptials but we did find a few Isabel pieces. Including these pants and I had one of those experiences where when you’re shopping at Barney’s trying on Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Celine, getting used to those prices in and around the 1 to 2 grand range, that when you finally end up on the COOP floor and see prices like Isabel’s you have the delusional feeling like, ‘what a deal!’ So I ended up with these pants and while I love them, I kinda feel like I have fashion victim written all over my face when I wear them. It doesn’t help that when I asked Oscar, my seven year old son, whether he liked my new pants or not, he responded with all innocence and sweetness, “I do like your pants, mama. They look like you work in the circus.” Oooh, Ouch. Circus Chic. Not. The Look. I was. Going. For…

10 thoughts on “Step Right Up Ladies and Gents

  1. melissa loves

    I have been a fan of your work for awhile but, somehow just figured out you had a blog….and love hearing your sweet & fun voice behind it. You are most definitely NOT too old for that color ( and I don't even know how old you are) 🙂 But, I love it! Your style is inspirational and I am now a fan of yours as well as your work! Have a great weekend! xoMelis

  2. Jennifer

    The new bags are so great! Love the colors (they'd actually be wonderful for Fall, too).I think you look awesome in the pants- you are probably just the exact type of woman IM has in mind when she designs 🙂


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