Au revoir Matilde

Today is Matilde Pamela Riccardi’s last day of collaborating with us  at Clare Vivier. So to honor her, here are some of my favorite pics from her year here:
 She leaves for her home country Belgium on Monday.
She has been such a huge part of our growing company this last year, it is really hard to see her go.
 A year and a half ago, when my friends asked me if I could use their friends’ daughter as an intern, I had no idea how much she would turn out to be such a good and necessary fit: As a really hard worker, 
 for comedy relief,
 for fashion inspiration,
 as a dear dear friend,
 as part of the family,

and part of our team!

J’adore ma Matilde!!
Message to Mat: Adieu and godspeed (look it up:) ) You’re destined for greatness. And come back whenever you want, you’ve always got a job with the company you helped build! xoxoxc

16 thoughts on “Au revoir Matilde

  1. ChantaleP

    O_0 I thought she was there forever.. so sad. This is just a sweet sweet sendoff from you. Hopefully we will still see a bit of her in the future here! Bonne chance Matilde!


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