Hopping Holidazzles – Let The Sales Begin!

You’re all cordially invited-
For those of you in LA, I’m pretty sure there’s no reason to step foot into a mall this holiday season. 
I think there’s an invite for everyone:
For the Hollywood area (which includes you, Los Feliz, Silverlake, & Echo Parkers) parents, there’s the Oaks – an amazing line up of artists and vendors. 
(I’ll be loitering around the Duverger Macarons booth.)
For the Westsiders – there’s the Resource Holiday Bazaar in Venice featuring two of my favorite artist/designers Victoria Morris and Jesse Kamm.
For the Eastsiders, there’s our party at V+B. There’ll be delicious food, 20% off CV and DC as well as a raffle. Who can resist a raffle? (One day, I’m going to win the free groceries at TJ’s). Please let us know you’re coming by leaving a comment here so we can have enough food and drink.
 For the sophisticates there’s the Studio 156 party on Casitas in Atwater. 
They win prettiest invite for sure. Original watercolor? Fairly certain they win for sale with most comprehensive line-up of what-every-girl-has-on-her-wish-list. 
I’m beyond excited to spend the day with our hosts (and 3 of my favorite people): Melissa, Simone and Joanna, and I’m super excited to be at a sale with Kelly Lamb and Hansel from Basel!
Plus, they win BY FAR the award for best entertainment – Sitar and Tabla music!

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