Katie Loves the Red Messenger

Yesterday, I got a morning text from a friend: Katie Holmes is wearing your red messenger on JustJared.com! It turns out that she’s been all over the celebrity sites the past couple of days wearing it. It is soo great on her warm-weather-winter, New York attire! I love it. We don’t know where she got it, but we have a sneaking suspicion that it was the Steven Alan store in Tribeca where she frequently shops. 
Even cooler that she bought it retail! Thanks Katie, you’re cute.

 From here
 Out at night from here
 Shopping with Suri from here
 In Tribeca from here
From here

12 thoughts on “Katie Loves the Red Messenger

  1. marta s

    I saw Katie with this bag and thought… Wow! This looks like Claire Vivier messenger I just ordered from your website (but in navy)! This bag's popularity will skyrocket now! Thank you for such a great design Claire! Still waiting to receive mine in Canada.

  2. didith

    I love your bag Clare, the leather smells so good. I got the red one too. Maybe you have it here somewhere but can you please let me know how to take care of the bags, like how to remove the stains or dirt. Thanks!


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