Cocodot in my Kitchen

Cocodot, a new website which champions all things celebratory and helps you manage your party, whether it be yours or one you’re attending, came to my house yesterday morning to do a photoshoot with me. They’ll be selling my bags come Jan. 16 and when they launch it, they’ll include an editorial piece on me and the CV line, accompanied by pictures shot by Cocodot founder and photog extraordinaire Amy Neunsinger. 
Here are my outtakes from the shoot.
It was so much fun to work with them, they were such a well-oiled team. 
They prop styled my kitchen, but I get the feeling this is seriously what it would look like if I didn’t have a husband and child to look after…
Photog, asst, prop stylist, make-up artist, and creative director – a real shoot! And everyone a pleasure to have in my home. I kinda didn’t want them to leave.
They draped and drizzled CV bags all over the kitchen- on the coffee maker, hanging from the pan rack, over the fruit – it was so cute. I can assure you, Amy’s pictures will look nothing like these. They were stunning. I was just trying to shoot some images to remember the day by, but the only real camera I had on hand was le Mari’s newest toy the Fuji X100 and, while it’s a pretty little thing, I had no idea how to set any preferences on it, so images are not the best.
 That’s Kate, the prop stylist, waiting for the shot. She came in and first thing in a.m. made a perfect stack of pancakes on my griddle for the shoot. It smelled so yummy, I can’t tell you the last time I made pancakes. My poor son. In the shot of me, I’m holding the stack of pancakes on the griddle in one hand and my iPhone in the other. Ahh, the harried, working mom…
 Pancakes, coffee and clutches, no better way for you to start the day.
 I’m super excited to see the real shoot. Her pictures were amazing.

 One of the funnest parts for me: make up artist! I may not be smiling in this shot, but I was thrilled on the inside! I tried to document my falsies she individually applied to my eyes. I cannot believe I had no where to go last night with all that fun eye attention. I wiped the rest of it off after the shoot, but I’m keeping the falsies for as one as I can.


7 thoughts on “Cocodot in my Kitchen

  1. D

    I love cocdot…we do our holiday cards through their site..they have become collectibles for family& friends..looking forward to seeing the result of your shoot.. We will be stopping by your shop again this spring:)


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