Beach Sunday

We were meeting some friends at the beach today and for some reason, I chose Venice beach. For those of you who don’t live in LA, Venice beach on a Sunday during nice weather is nothing short of gross. Somehow I’d forgotten this fact.
I was quickly reminded of it when we stepped onto the boardwalk to look for a restaurant. 
However, after an hour wait for a mediocre lunch at one of the only outdoor cafes (why aren’t there more??) we came upon the disco roller rink and suddenly all the rats/albino snakes/bad tattoos on peoples shoulders and smells of bad incense, washed away with the good times that were being had on 8 wheels.

Untitled from clare vivier on Vimeo.

Here’s my iPhone video, check it out! I could have stayed here for a long long time watching these people. They are fantastic and talented and you cannot watch without a huge smile on your face.
 I love the palm trees in this picture.
 This lady’s t-shirt read: Skate Lisa. Dogg Team 2012. You gotta love those skates. And if you couldn’t tell, yes, she was a badass on rollers.
 I coulda stayed an watched them all day, Oscar had other things on his mind: 
like digging sand ditches with Diego. Venice beach is not that bad after all. Nor, perhaps, is a Sunday in late January at any ol’ beach.


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