Shark Attack

Recently our friend Maya Brenner came by the studio to drop off a few shark teeth necklaces for the CV store. I’ve been falling more and more in love with them as I feel we can all use a little talisman for strength.
She brought gold ones, silver ones, gold ones with diamonds and gold ones without. 
She also gifted me a gold one with a row of diamonds which I haven’t taken off since she gave it to me. It was a pressy for introducing her to two people who’ve turned out to be very important in her life. I’m a matchmaker matchmaker, romantic and business.
This is Casey. She bought a silver one and she hasn’t taken it off since either.
On another note, our friend Naomi came by yesterday and got a black flat clutch with her initials and a tassel, it was so cute I had to take a picture. This is how I photograph most bags – standing directly over it – usually on white paper, and I always end up getting my shoes too. Sometime I think I should do a series on these shots called Bags and Shoes. How cute are these navy and white vintage pumps I got at my fav thrift store in MN?!


7 thoughts on “Shark Attack

  1. Clare Vivier

    @willworkforcheese Tassels are available at the Clare Vivier store in Silverlake & at the pop up shop at the Grove.@libby marshall It's my store – the Clare Vivier store in Silverlake, CA. 🙂

  2. libby marshall

    Derp. I meant the faboo vintage spot. I got one of your clutches from Pretty Mommy (I'm a fellow Minneapolitan)- I love it, been using it solid for 2 years? and people fawn! Might need a tassel for it! Looking for good vintage, even willing to trek to St Paul 😉 Don't worry I'll leave some stuff for you…

  3. Anonymous

    I wonder if the new website will expand the products and colors available? I'd also love to get a tassel (and a petit messenger in a different color from the ones available online) but I currently live in the wrong part of the country, unfortunately!


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